Royal Golf Silver Trophy, San Lorenzo by Tobia Scarpa


The current trophy (in 925 silver) of the “Royal Golf Silver Trophy”, designed by the architect-designer Tobia Scarpa, has been called “Magis”.
The Latin adverb “magis” means “more”; it denotes the effort towards improvement, the challenge to overcome increasing obstacles, it represents the dynamic quest for perfection in a continual process of becoming.
“Magis” can therefore be assumed as a lifestyle and a fitting motto for the golfing spirit that aims, through physical and mental discipline, to attain ever greater results.
A silver trophy devised for playing, that succeeds, even in the field of sports equipment, in combining certain values proper to the noble metal, such as elegance and exclusiveness and luxury, in a positive significance.
From the argyros of the Greeks to argentum, from the mediaeval ariento to silver: the history of the making of objects with the shining noble metal has been revived, as from 1970, by San Lorenzo, which resumes the technical traditions in an innovative spirit and introduces an unusual way of conceiving silver: that of the architect-designers who are summoned to imagine things of silver, seconding the nature of the material while revoking the formal conventions.

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