2007: 1st re-edition of the ROYAL GOLF SILVER TROPHY at Trieste

After more than 250 years since its first Scottish edition, the Royal Golf Silver Trophy tradition has been proposed again in 2007 in Trieste in one of the most special historic locations in Italy: the Ponterosso on Canal Grande of Trieste.
Unusual game formula: Nearest to the Pin – Water Contest; the starting Tee is a broad mat installed on the Ponterosso bridge along the railing, the Fairway is the Canal Grande of Trieste, where the Greens, consisting of three floating island covered with natural grass, are positioned and anchored.
The first edition was won by the Italian journalist Renato d’Argenio from the “Messaggero Veneto”.
The event has been realized with the patronage of the Municipality of Trieste, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the Port Authority of Trieste and the Italian PGA.
During the golf challenge, the Mascotte of the event was distributed: the Golf Oval Ball. The proceeds from the sale of this ball have been devolved to benefit the “Fondazione Legato Dino Ferrari”
Per info: www.royalgolfsilvertrophy.it

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