THE EVENT in 2008:
Abu Dhabi, Miami Beach, Porto Cervo;
the prestigious Scottish tournament comes to three continents

This year, too, the Royal Silver Golf Trophy arrives with a new formula, but retaining its original philosophy. The final of the VICEVERSA Challenge will be held on the magnificent course of the Pevero Golf Club on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, and will be played in “reverse”.

Viceversa Challenge, a bold contest
The Royal Golf Silver Trophy is a sporting contest unique of its kind, and this year once again it offers all the special emotions of a great spectacle. With three world stages and an all-Italian final in Europe, this new edition starts off with a hitherto unique challenge of an extremely audacious character, the VICEVERSA Challenge. The first stage to be held on the course of the exclusive Abu Dhabi Golf Club (capital of the United Arab Emirates), the second at the exotic course of Miami Beach Golf Club, Florida, and the third and last one in the enchanting setting of the Pevero Golf Club on the Costa Smeralda, north-eastern Sardinia’s “buen retiro”, pearl of the Italian coasts. The final will also take place at the Pevero Golf Club, but with an unusual formula called VICEVERSA Challenge.
The finalists will play on the regular course, but in reverse: that’s to say, they will start from the flag at hole no.18 and go round VICEVERSA, ending up at the starting tee. It’s an unusual contest, even for the most expert players, summoning golfers from every part of the globe for the thrill of performing on one of the world’s most prestigious courses, in this unique, almost impossible way: in REVERSE.

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